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May 21, 2020

John Lennon: We can only imagine

What can I say about the late, great John Lennon that hasn’t already been said numerous times? He was a brilliant musician, an Avant Garde poet, an outspoken, and sometimes, rebellious visionary, and most certainly, an icon. He was a husband, a father, a lover, and an idol. He was a million different things to a million different people.
May 16, 2020

Beatles “Overrated?”

hilarious mix of sports clips, ads and a mélange of pop-culture references from the 1960s-to roughly the mid-1990s,
May 11, 2020

The Troubadour West Hollywood History

When you mention “The Troubadour” (or “The Troub” as many call it), most locals and people in the music industry know you mean West Hollywood’s iconic bar and restaurant since the late 50s. Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, where Beverly Hills and West Hollywood meet;
April 29, 2020

Neil Peart: The Drummer’s Drummer

Ask any drummer for their top 5 favorite drummers, and Neil Peart’s name will pop up on a larger percentage of those lists for a variety of reasons.
March 30, 2020

Behind VH1’s “Behind the Music”

On January 1, 1985, MTV’s parent corporation launched a new music video network aimed at building upon what the original music channel had created, but it focused on a slightly older demographic. When VH1 first came into existence, it was all about music videos and music related programming.
February 3, 2020

How Not to Write A Hit Song

have been involved in many styles of music as a composer, performer, theorist, musicologist, ethnomusicologist, conductor, guitarist and pianist and lover of music. I’ve plunged into virtually every kind of music from almost every period and continent. I am not claiming to have expertise or even somewhat in-depth knowledge in and about all these various genres of music...
January 21, 2020

American Bandstand

“American Bandstand” began simply as “Bandstand” on WFIL-TV in Philadelphia in 1952 and ran through 1989. Hosted by local radio personality Bob Horn, the show began with New York native Dick Clark playing records for the audience...
January 21, 2020

We Got The Beat: Great Drummers in History

Aside from pop culture, movies and music, one of the things Pop Daze is totally fascinated with is what’s behind each specific genre. Or in today’s case — drummers. Every song needs a good, driving, solid beat....
January 21, 2020

One Hit Wonders: In the USA

What exactly constitutes a “One-Hit Wonder”? In exploring this topic we find that many songs by a band or an artist that are what we’d consider one-hit wonders in the US are actually hugely popular acts, with several charted hits in other countries...
January 12, 2020

Music Genre – Part I

The world of music, like our own physical reality, is one full of varied experiences, grooves, and styles. For many of us, our musical taste informs our lifestyle and fashion choices to a degree. However, the question of what musical genres there actually are
January 12, 2020

Music Genre – Part II

Hi Dazers! Welcome back as we continue our journey through the many and varied genres of music we can find within the world of music. In this edition, we will six genres that include one that defined the early to mid-60s and another that was the cornerstone of the late 70’s.